Iron art frame

Frame is very familiar materials but iron frame art is quite new to everyone . Today , the Dong An Company would like to introduce a few strokes of the iron frame art ...

Post date: 22-05-2014

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Although today‚ÄĚs increasingly advanced technology but people still have the habit of storing the memories through photographs . To protect the photos that for decades , the frame requires not only beautiful , but also to be sure . So many people choose the iron frame art
iron frame art
Iron frame art not simply as : rectangular , square , hexagonal , .... but also require workers to bend the raw iron bar to create the exact curve , the line connecting the iron bar to be sure , but not rough . Especially , after the finished product , the worker must use an anti- rust coating to protect the long frame over time .
iron frame art
With the creation of the diversity frame design that can also have other effects , such as brackets to make candles , make hanging hooks , decorative room more lively .....
iron frame art
iron frame designed art hanging hook
iron frame art
iron frame art becomes beautiful painting room
Depending on the design of the room that we can choose the kind of art frames suitable iron . Frame can be placed on the dining tables , desks , on walls , in bedrooms, .... And the price of this product is  ranges from several tens of thousand dollars for the several tens of millions . In addition to the templates available at the facility or in the catalog , you can also put the iron frame of his form with the agreed price .


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